2012 in words and pictures:


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December 2011:

DKCH Dreamcatcher's Sings The Blues had a "girlfriend" visiting him from Sweden - can't wait to see their puppies!


DKCH Dreamcatcher's Wind Chime, aka Noodles had her eyes cleared at the vet - all ready to be bred!



KHKG Show, Middelfart - Nov.19, 2011 - New Champion!

  • Dreamcatcher's Joie De Vivre (aka Willow) won Open Class, #2 Bitch and her last CAC - so is now Danish Champion!

Judging - adding new breeds

October 27, 2011:

Passed the exams and received the authorization to judge 2 more breeds:

  • Collie, Rough
  • Collie, Smooth


KHKG Show, Køge - Oct.1, 2011
  • Dreamcatcher's Joie De Vivre (aka Willow) won Best Bitch, Best of Breed, & BEST IN SHOW across all breeds!!!
  • USA Ch, Dansk CH, Klub Ch, JV'07, Klbv '07 Halfmoon Full Of It (aka Creed) won Best Veteran, Best Male#4, Best In Show Veteran #2!
  • DKCH Dreamcatcher's Wind Chime (aka Noodles The Grinner) came along for the fun and the opportunity of attracting much wanted attention and loving hands........she got that in plenty, as usual......




In Memoriam - Goodbye to a very dear old friend !

September 15th, 2011 was the sad day we had to take Stone for the last visit to the veterinary :o(

Just 12 days after he turned 12 years old! Scary how fast things can turn from happy, healthy and playful to very very ill.

Fortunately we have 12 happy and healthy years in the company of a very loving, very smart, very talented and very beautiful aussie in the truest sense to look back upon....

Now Stone and his soulmate Luna can again be together!


DKCH EUUV00 KBHV02 KLBCH Gefion's Touchstone


DKK Intl. Show, Bjerringbro - Sept 17 2011
  • USA Ch, Dansk CH, Klub Ch, JV'07, Klbv '07 Halfmoon Full Of It (aka Creed) won Best Veteran, Best Male, Best of Breed  AND.... Best In Show Veteran #4 AND.... Best In Group #3!


VDH Show in Leipzig, Germany on May 21st, 2011:

Dreamcatcher's Comme Il Faut (aka Lotus) placed 2nd Best Male and won a VDH CAC and a Res.CAC (Club CAC).

This was his second VDH CAC and Res.CAC (club CAC), as Lotus placed Best of Breed at the VDH show in Neumünster earlier this year!

Lotus also made his mark at the World Dog Show in Paris. He was one out of an Open Class Dog entry of 64 males..... And managed to stay in the ring throughout all the cuts made by the judge, untill he had to leave when there was only 8 left for the final placement. Lotus and Dorte did so well against all those pro-handlers !!!

Way to go and huge congrats to Dorte and Finn on their achievements!




National Show in Varde, DK on August 21st, 2011:

Dreamcatcher's Joie De Vivre (aka Willow) placed 2nd Best Bitch with Res.CAC!



Summer 2011 pics 

Just a few summer shots of Stone (12 yrs old), Noodles (3 yrs old) and Willow (2 yrs old) having fun on a beautiful summer day!

Stone is getting old and weary, but nothing can cheer him up as much as the company of Noodles and especially Willow, his little soulmate! She can always bring out the puppy in him :o)

Willow, our ever happy and cheerful friend has taken a habit of sticking her tongue out - not always at convenient occasions.... For example she did it at the DKK show in Valby! No wonder the judge didn't give her anything :o)

Enjoy the pics!

Judging - adding new breeds

August 2011:

Received the authorization to judge the Black Russian Terrier and Landseer / Sort Russisk Terrier og Landseer!


DKK Intl. Shows, Vejen - July 2011

July 31st, 2011:

  • USA Ch, Dansk CH, Klub Ch, JV'07, Klbv '07 Halfmoon Full Of It (aka Creed) won Best Veteran, 2nd Best Male AND.... Best In Show Veteran #2

  • Dreamcatcher's Comme Il Faut (aka Lotus) won Best Male and Best Opposite Sex, and thus received a CAC!

  • Dreamcatcher's Joie De Vivre (aka Willow) placed 4th Best Bitch!


July 30th, 2011:

  • USA Ch, Dansk CH, Klub Ch, JV'07, Klbv '07 Halfmoon Full Of It (aka Creed) won Best Veteran, 4th Best Male AND.... Best In Show Veteran #4


July 29th, 2011:

  • USA Ch, Dansk CH, Klub Ch, JV'07, Klbv '07 Halfmoon Full Of It (aka Creed) won Best Veteran, Best Male and Best Opposite Sex.

  • Dreamcatcher's Joie De Vivre (aka Willow) placed 3rd Best Bitch!



Judging - adding new breeds

July 2011:

Received the authorization to judge the Great Swiss Mountain Dog / Grosser Schweizer Sennenhund!



DKK Intl. Show, Valby - May 2011

Dreamcatcher's Joie De Vivre (aka Willow)

won the certificate and second winner Bitch at the DKK International show in Valby!!!







USA Ch, Dansk CH, Klub Ch, JV'07, Klbv '07

Halfmoon Full Of It (aka Creed)

placed 3rd best male the first time in the show ring after  a couple of years of retirement. He entered as a Veteran, AND won Best In Show Veteran #4!

He loved being out again :o)


DKCH Dreamcatcher's Wind Chime (aka Noodles)

Aussie of the Year 2010 #2, both KHKG and Allround & Dog of the Year 2010 #3 at KHKG

  • October 17, 2010 - Best of Breed AND new Danish Champion at KHKG Show.

  • July 31, 2010 - Best of Breed AND Best In Show at KHKG Show

  • May 22, 2010 - Best of Breed AND Best In Group #2 at SKK Show in Hässleholm

  • Jan 16, 2010 - Best Opposite Sex AND Best In Show BOS #3 at KHKG Show


July 2009

Wow, time is passing so quickly - and most of the puppies left for their new homes July 4-5, a couple of them left for Germany and Sweden. Now remains only Lotus, who is leaving in a couple of weeks and Willow, who is "for keeps"!

Our litter is only 5 days younger than Khetashio's litter, so we arranged a "play day", where all 13 got together and our pups also had the oppertunity to test their herding instinct on Janne's running Indian Ducks! That was FUN, the pups said :o)

We've enjoyed the litter! The pups are of super quality in exterior and mentality and all with perfect health certificates and eye clearances.

The whole litter is by way of their parents Lara and Sachem clear from the hereditary cataract. Lara was tested clear in May 2009 by AHT (Animal Health Trust) i UK and Sachem is also clear due to both of his parents already testing clear.

We are looking forward to see these guys grow up!





May 2009

May 8th Lara had 7 of the most lovely, pretty and healthy pups. Perfect birth in a minimum of time and all with a very healthy average birth weight!

4 bitches and 3 males, 3 blue merle and 4 black tri.


May 2009

Pinto, Dreamcatcher's U-Turn By Halfmoon, got her official results back from DKK. A hips, 0 elbows and an equally fine eye clearance! Yeah!

Pinto also managed to get her picture published in the newly published book about dogshows!





Ozzy, Dreamcatcher's Dolphin Songs came by for a few days of babysitting and playing!




April 2009

Noodles' brother Marley came by for a visit - wonderful!  He too, knows to appreciate water and mud very highly!


March 2009

March 28 I passed the judge trainee exam - and even with praise from DKK's examinators!

I was given australian shepherd and puli as examination dogs. Both of very nice quality..great!

I have many to thank for all the help I've received during my time as trainee, among others Kitty Sjong, Tomas Rohlin, Bodil Rüsz, Gert Christensen, Jesper Ravn og Janne Kronstam etc. etc.

Now the work goes in for the 2 rounds of trainee judgings for each of my 5 breeds: australian shepherd, australian kelpie, australian cattledog, puli, and polski owczarek podhalanski.!

March 10, 2009

We're expecting puppies!! In the beginning of May Lara and Sachem's puppies are born!

A litter which we are looking so much forward to seeing and which we expect a lot from -a super exterior from both parents and a pedigree full of top aussies from the US!!

Have a look onto our Puppy page for more information about this litter! And feel free to contact us if you're interested in getting to know more and perhaps come by for a visit!



February 17, 2009

Noodles, Blue and Song were all entered the show in Fredericia. Noodles performed a little stunt on the Friday prior to the show, which left her three-legged on hard surfaces.... Soo, she stayed at home!

Bad, but not that bad, it gave me the possibility of having to be in the ring and instead I could relax and just watch for once - NICE! Both Song and Blue did very well in the ring. Song currently has lots more coat than Blue, which gave Song an advantage. Both received a "very promising" from an otherwise very harsh judge - COOL! Beautiful Song won a fully deserved place as "Best Puppy".

January 12th, 2009

First of all! Thank you so much everybody for all the kind and sympathetic words, mails, calls etc. we've received! Very heart-warming!

On January 12th we arrived at the day, that we knew had to come some day - but still had done our best to pretend happened to everybody but ourselves. We lost Rainbow – our most beloved aussie gem throughout 11 years!

She was beautiful from the day she arrived from the US till the day she left us - never have we had such a beauty with such beautiful movements, and we never grew tired of admiring the sight of her!

She was the first Danish owned aussie, who became World Winner (Milan 2000)! And at the mature age of almost 9 years old in 2006 she was placed as Best In Show by Richard Hellmann himself at the 10 year Aussie Anniversary Show with her lovely son Tigger placed as Best Opposite.  2006 was also the year where Rainbow won Best In Show Veteran in Aalborg at the DKK show. In 2007, at the specialty club's 10 year anniversary (also her own 10th year) she was still able to beat the younger bitches, imports as well as Danish bred, and very deservingly place as Best Opposite Sex, and Best In Show (BOS) as well as Best In Show Veteran!

From the very first day since Rainbow, via Janne and her network and friends in the US, arrived in Denmark at the summer of 1998 - she has been our outstanding friend, Kurtis' super agility co-competitor, super at tracking, our wonderful showdog, our wonderful herding dog coolly bringing home the neighbours rambunctious straying cattle, our very gentle and cuddly friend, our super puppy-mom / puppy-grandma / puppy-play-auntie, the best friend to share an afternoon nap with - well you get it: Just plain wonderful!

Rainbow has been adored by us ever since she arrived from the US as a pup and has to the fullest extent fulfilled the criteria for being the versatile aussie we all dream about.  ”Brains and Beauty” all in one dog!

Great personalities leave a huge void and sorrow. Rainbow, you will be missed so incredibly!!!


January 17, 2009

At the year's first show in the specialty club KHKG everything went so nicely for the Dreamcatcher's aussies, just like the Christmas Show in November!

Beautiful Curie (pictured on the right) won Best of Breed, won her last CAC and thus became Danish Champion! Huge congrats to Miriam, Jesper and Elvis with The Black Princess!

Wonderful Song (pictured below) won Best Puppy and in the finals won Best In Show Puppy! Huge congrats to Anette & Torben with Song!

This was also the day where as many as 5 out of Lara and Creed's litter from 2008 were entered: Song, Blue, Ozzy, Cassie and Laika. Last, but not least Tigger was there too, a beautiful representative in the Champion class!

Curie after her first show back in May 2006 - succesful from the beginning!

November 30th, 2008

Ozzy, Blue and Noodles attended their very first show, our specialty club's Christmas Show! They did so well and the judge went out of his way and started an applause while commenting on their quality while they were running around the ring! Pinto also attended the show, it being her last chance to participate in the junior class.

The day ended up being much more than fine!

Noodles placed as Best Baby and in the finals in the afternoon (across the club's breeds) she won Best In Show Baby!

Pinto placed as Best in Opposite (BOS) and thereby got her second CAC towards the Danish Championship. In the finals she placed as Best In Show BOS!

Curie, aka Dreamcatcher's Always A Winner, did really well - and in mind probably should have placed as BOS - and won Open Class with excellent and thereby became 2cond winner Bitch after Pinto!


November 23th, 2008

Ozzy, Blue and Noodles, a few of Lara and Creed's babies having fun!


November 11th, 2008

Our beautiful Rainbow turned 11 yrs old - still as healthy and vigorous as ever! Happy Birthday Rainbow!


October 26th, 2008

Having fun taking pictures of happy Creed and Dixie running...



October 12th, 2008

Today there were shows in Rostock, Germany as well as in Køge at the club's show.

I went to Rostock, where my sweet little Pinto (Dreamcatcher's U-Turn By Halfmoon) placed as winner above a nicely sized class and got herself a German CAC....Yeah!

In Køge it went equally nice!

Curie (Dreamcatcher's Always A Winner) placed as BOS and thereby got her second CAC towards the Danish championship. And in the finals in the afternoon she placed as Best In Show BOS #2. Wauv....many congrats to Curie, Miriam, Jesper & Elvis!

Song (Dreamcatcher's Song In His Heart) was shown for the first time in his life. He placed as Best Baby in the breed and in the finals he placed as Best In Show Baby #1. Wauv again....many congrats to Song, Anette & Torben!



September 22, 2008

Jeepers, we are so way behind on updating our website. We're working on it...

For now we have just updated the page showing our litters and have added Lara x Creed's lovely puppies to it. And Pinto's page has been updated with new pictures and results!

We've updated our puppy page announcing our Puppy plans for 2009!

Now we "only" need to update the rest...., i.e. something about my judges' education, the trip to Stockholm and the World Dog Show, create a page for our new little puppy Noodles as well as one for her brother Blue. And finally we also need to add a bit about our new doggy-sitter/pension services

More to follow soonest!

June 15, 2008 7 lovely big fat and incredibly vital puppies were born! So much so that they almost seemed like ½-1 week old upon arrival :o) Wonderful!

4 males and 3 bitches, 2 blue merle and 5 black tri, with and without tails! And very promising too...


Mid June 2008 we're expecting puppies out of Lara by Creed. Read more about this on our Puppy Page.

June 6th, 2008: Lara has gotten big and heavy (check out the size of her cute butt......) with her pups as time is approaching time for their birth. She is all happy, and lazy in the summer heat!




May 19th,2008:

Whatever happened to poor Pinto, little Miss Muddy Princess.....

The short version related to these pictures are:

  • Playing with a visiting dog, Pinto at times tried to get under a parked car.
  • One problem cars are too low for this unless you're a cat
  • I.e. Pinto got oily spots on her fine white collar
  • I washed it off with turpentine
  • I then after-washed it with shampoo to get rid of the turpentine and BAD BAD SMELL (words in capital letters come from Pinto....)
  • We then sent her out into the garden to dry off a bit
  • Pinto REALLY REALLY DISLIKES THE SMELL OF TURPENTINE and didn't feel the shampoo did the trick at all!
  • We took a look into the garden and saw a BIG TIME UNHAPPY Pinto roll roll roll and roll around in a bare piece of dirt/mud, where we recently removed some hedge plants.
  • This went on for a LONG TIME
  • The result you see here......we got loads of fun out of
  • How can one little Aussie look SO PISSED OFF?
  • Afterwards, Miss Pinto was picked up in Kurt's arms, carried into the bathroom, and got a 100% wash - AND WAS NEVER ALLOWED BACK IN THE GARDEN THAT NIGHT AGAIN...


May 18th, 2008: At a large show in Hässleholm in Sweden Creed went Best Of Breed. Beautiful place, beautiful weather, friendly people - a really good day!
May 2008: We had some pictures taken of our 3-generation Rainbow, Dixie and Pinto. The weather was awesome! It is hard to find a group of dogs enjoying one another's company more than these 3 girls. Rainbow has always enjoyed having Dixie, her daughter, around, but seeing her pleasure and fun by having Pinto with her too is incredible!


Rainbow forgot her good manners and started sticking her tongue out at the photographer, and Pinto got all tired towards the end!


April 27, 2008: Lara is expecting puppies, due around mid June 2008! Both Creed and Lara have received many awards in thee show ring as well as being aussies with their natural herding/working instincts intact. Health clearances up to date and both have super temperaments - so we are loooking very much forward to their puppies' arrival!

Are you interested in a puppy out of Lara and Creed, then let us hear from you!!

April 25, 2008: Misha's kittens were born! 3 of them, with and without tails. More kittens on their way during pre-summer, as Mini-Mit is also expecting.

Should you be interested in a kitten, who is both loving, very social, healthy and outgoing as well as being a super mouse/rat/duck/bird catcher, please get in contact with us! There is a good chance of getting a naturally bobtailed kitten.

April 19th, 2008: Off I went to Nationals in Greeley, Colorado in the US! A full week dedicated to literally wading in aussies and aussie enthusiasts!


April 18th, 2008: Bonnie (Creed's girlfriend) has given birth to 7 lovely puppies!


April 17th, 2008: Yeah, Lara is expecting puppies!

That means we are expecting puppies sometime in the meddle of June - this time out of Lara and Creed! Kindly contact us, if a puppy out of this super combination is interesting to you!



April 2008: Misha, our bobtailed cat, is expecting!

Misha has again this year planned her breeding programme all on her she is expecting


March 2008: Creed went Best In Show!

At the club show in Strib, Creed again went Best In Show. Something we're mighty proud of :o)



January 28th, 2008: DKK show in Årslev!

Murphy, Dreamcatcher's Winner Takes All wins Best In Breed and Best In Group #3.

And...further Murphy and his family gets featured in the news paper with pictures and interview......

Many many congrats to Murphy, Jan & Lene. Way to go!


See the article by clicking on the little picture below:





2007 Year end results!  
USACH DKCH KLBCH JV'07 ClubW '07 Halfmoon Full Of It
  • Dog of The Year #2 (across all breeds) in our specialty club
  • Breed Winner #1 in our specialty club
  • Breed Winner #2 in the Aussie group's official competition (DKK & KHKG shows)
  • Multiple Group and BIS placements
DKCH Nordic Junior '04 KLBCH JV'07 KBHV '04, '05, '06 & '07 Inverness Lara Croft
  • Most winning bitch in Denmark for the 3rd consecutive year!
  • Breed Winner #1 in the Aussie group's official competition (DKK & KHKG shows)
  • Breed Winner #2 in our specialty club
  • Copenhagen Winner for the 4th consecutive year
  • Multiple Group and BIS / BOS BIS placements
DKCH KLBCH World Winner 2000, KBHV 02 & 03 Gefion's Revelation
  • Breed Winner #3 in the Aussie group's official competition (DKK & KHKG shows)
  • Best Veteran #3 in our specialty club (across all breeds)
  • Multiple BIS Veteran and BOS BIS placements
DKCH Dreamcatcher's Tequila Sunrise
  • Breed Winner #5 in the Aussie group's official competition (DKK & KHKG shows)
  • BOB and BIG #3 placements

November 11, 2007 - BIRTHDAY PARTY:

Rainbow's 10th birthday - celebrated with good friends and lots of attention and presents to the old lady!

Thank you all for celebrating Rainbow with us!

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November 3, 2007:

Lara placed as 2nd winner bitch at the DKK show in Herning!


October 7th, 2007:

The specialty club's (KHKG) show in Strib was all in our favour today!

Creed won Best in Breed (BOB) and Best in Show (BIS)!







Lara won Best in Opposite (BOS) and Best In Opposite Best In Show #2 (BIS BOS#2!

September 2007:

The month where 3 aussies of our breeding passed their tests and thus earned the titles: Rally Beginner Champion! Many many congrats to the awesome results!

Dreamcatcher's Gin Fizz (Gin), owned by Gitte Breaum (photo below)

Dreamcatcher's Always A Winner (Curie), owned by Miriam & Jesper Bønnelykke (photo on the right)

Dreamcatcher's Winner Takes All (Murphy), owned by Jan & Lene Smedegaard (photo on the right)


September 16, 2007: At the international DKKs show in Brøndby Lara won Best Opposite with CACIB and thereby won - for the 4th consecutive year - the Copenhagen Winner title. Creed placed as 2nd Best Male and our beautiful old Rainbow at 10 yrs of age placed as 2nd Best Bitch as well as Best Senior!

12. august 2007: For the second day in a row that weekend I drove many hours - this time to DKK's international show in Vejen with Creed and Lara. Hard work driving, but it paid off in plenty! Creed placed as Best Male, Lara placed as Best Bitch and Lara placed as BOB. Both with CACIB and both earned yet another title: Jubilee Winners 2007!


August 11th, 2007: Off I went to the international show in Rønneby, Sweden with Creed og Lara - many hours of driving.... It went fantastic! Creed placed as Best of Breed and won a CACIB, Lara placed as Best Opposite also with a CACIB. In the finals Creed went all the way and won Group 1!


August 6th, 2007: Well, we thought this was the day to start relaxing a bit, it being the day for our puppies to move to their new homes.

BUT, Misha our female cat had gotten herself pregnant (NOT planned....) during the summer and this was the day she chose to give birth to 2 very very cute kittens..... AND, just like our pups and herself they both entered the world as natural bobtails :o)

We kept one of the pups, i.e. Dreamcatcher's U-Turn By Halfmoon, aka Pinto. She is a little blue merle beautie with the most amazing sweet and outgoing temperament, born a natural bobtail and so much reminds us of her dad!




KHKGs 10-year anniversary took place on 27-28-29 juli and we had entered dogs throughout all 3 days - a combination of Lara, Creed and Rainbow!

July 27, 2007: 10-year old Rainbow won Best Bitch, Best Opposite ( BOS) and thereby beat all the younger bitches.... In the finals she placed as BIS Senior and BIS BOS #4.

July 28, 2007: Creed placed as 2nd winner in the champion class, Lara won Best of Breed, Rainbow placed as 2nd winners bitch - again beating all the younger bitches. In the finals Lara placed as Best In Show #3 and Rainbow as Best In Show Senior #2.

July 29, 2007: Creed won Best Of Breed! We had no bitches entered this day.

During these 3 days Creed won his last 2 club CACS and won another title Club Champion!





Lara og Britt went off for a large show in Borås, Sweden on June 30th, 2007. That went very well - Lara won Best Of Breed (also got her first CACIB) AND Best In Group #2!

Dixie and Creed's puppies are born on June 11, 2007! 5 beautiful pups, 3 bitches, 2 males. 4 black tris and 1 blue merle, lots and lots of NBT tails!

They are now 5 weeks old and full speed ahead conquering the world with lots of courage and happy attitude. See pictures on the puppy page!


Tigger (DKCH Dreamcatcher's Tequila Sunrise) won his 3rd and last CAC at the DKK show in Ballerup on June 17, 2007 and thus became Danish Champion! Many congratulations (again) to Anne & Co. on Tigger's accomlishments!


Creed and Tigger (Dreamcatcher's Tequila Sunrise) were shown at DKK Region 6's show in Aarhus on May 12th, 2007. That went really well! Creed placed as 2nd winner male, while Tigger won Best of Breed and a Best in Group 3# winner! Many congratulations to Anne on her beautiful dog!

Creed and Rainbow were shown at the DKK show in Hillerød on April 28th, 2007. Both were placed as 2nd winner male and female. Dreamcatcher's Winning Ways (Luca) placed as winner in the junior class!  
Creed was shown at the large international show in Malmö, Sweden on March 17. We felt like testing the competition abroad. That went well! Creed won Best in Breed (BOB) and he won the Group, BIG #1 !


Rainbow and Creed were both entered at the specialty club's show in Køge on March 11. Creed won Best in Breed (BOB) and Rainbow won Best in Opposite (BOS) - pretty well for a 9,5 year old bitch. In the finals Creed won Best in Show #2 and Rainbow won both både Best in Show BOS #2 and Best in Show Veteran #2.


Rainbow, Creed and I participated in the annual "galla" show for the Danish top winning dogs across all breeds, Show of Winners on February 24th - fun experience with 2 happy dogs. The evening almost never came to be for us as we were snowed in untill quite some time after we should have left home - all dressed up, dogs washed and groomed, the car packed. Ouch, how frustrating - but finally our nice neighbour came with his tractor and liberated us from the snow piles.....
In Memoriam

DKCH PLCH KLBCH JWW98 Copenhagen Winner 98/00 EUV00 NORDV00 Polen Sieger LPI Khetashio La Bella Luna

An otherwise amazingly succesful 2006 with the dogs ended in the worst imaginable way. Luna, our very first aussie, the most titled aussie and the queenbee in our pack of dogs, suddenly fell very ill with no hope of recovery, and she had to be put to sleep on December 28th, 2006. That is the worst experience we've had in our life with the dogs and it has taken me 3 months to be able to actually write about it here on our website.

Luna made history! She was born in the spring of 1997. She and her littermates were the first Danish Kennel Club registered aussie litter after the breed became recognized here. She was the first Danish bred Danish Champion. She won a total of 9 CACs before she became Danish Champion. Only 2 other aussies have made it this far since - one of them is our own Lara. Luna has won a lot here as well as abroad. She is one of the aussies with the most titles here in Denmark, if not the one with the most titles (10). She has produced beautiful puppies of which a very high percentage have become champions here as well as abroad, and they have all inherited Lunas outstanding working talents as well as her good looks. We are very very proud of her offspring!

She was a great personality and the empty space she has left behind feels enormous. She was the one that started everything for us with the aussies, she was the one with whom we tried everything for the first time in our career as breeders and gained so much success with. She was also the one whom we started out competing with on a serious level (showing, obedience, agility, tracking, herding) and through her we have gotten to know so many nice people along the years. For us Luna represents everything an aussie should be - brains, beauty and lots of talent!

Dear Luna - thank you so much for everything. We miss you terribly!


2006 in words and pictures:


Lara is for the second year in a row the most winning Aussie bitch in Denmark - despite her having started the showing only back in September due to her "maternity leave"!


The specialty club (KHKG) held their annual X-Mas show end November. A very very good day for us.... and a fine way to end 2006!

Creed won Best of Breed and won his first club CAC and Lara won Best Opposite. In the finals against the other breeds of the club, Lara won Best in Show #1 for the Best Opposite grouping and last but not least Creed won Best in Show #2 ! Tigger won 2nd winner and thus also his first CAC! Congratulations Anne - he looked great!

In the Breeder's Class the group of 4 Dreamcatcher's aussies won Best In Show #3!

Pebbles also joined the X-Mas show, but not for showing! She was there to participate in the Aussie Quadrille - dressed as a Reindeer !



There was an article about the Danish 10th Aussie Anniversary in the large US magazine "Dogs In Review" incl. pictures with praise of Rainbow and Tigger ! Mighty proud are we !

Jesper & Elvis (Dreamcatcher's Spiced Rum) in 2006 won the points necessary to advance to level B in DCH by passing the requirements 3 out of 6 times, and Elvis is thus a B-dog from next season. They also made it all the way to Club Champion in the C-class at DCH in Jyderup!


Miriam & Curie (Dreamcatcher's Always A Winner) is not yet participating in the DCH championships, but has won 96 out of 100 p in Rally-O, and they are thereby Club Champions in Rally-O at DCJ in Jyderup!

Way to go Miriam, Jesper, Elvis & Curie - we're proud of you!

Lara went Best Opposite and Creed 3rd winner at the DKK show in Herning in November!


Bitta graciously invited Creed to try out his instinct in herding sheep in September. My oh my..... I had never ever expected him to do so well ! 

He instinctly and immediately seemed to know where to place himself like he had done this always, knew what the pressure zone was, how to keep them together, knowing how to let the more hardy sheep know who was the boss - without ever getting out of control. I was really moved to see him being so good and obviously also extremely happy and proud about it himself. During 2007 we hope to get some more experience with herding.


Lara, at the specialty club's show in October, won Best of Opposite as well as her last club CAC and thus became Club Champion! In the finals she further placed as Best in Show BOS #4! The picture is of Lara and two of her gorgeous puppies Murphy and Smilla!

Tivoli celebrated the annual "Day of the Dog" in September. Creed and I joined in the parade and met Creed's girlfriend Lucca.

The DKK Show in September was Lara's first show after having her puppies and she celebrated her come back by winning Best Opposite and thereby also the title as Copenhagen Winner for the 3rd year in a row! Creed placed as 4th winner male, and Dixie as 4th winner bitch.


The 10th Aussie Anniversary was celebrated in August!

A perfect day with perfect weather! Rainbow, our old girl of 9 years ended up winning it all by placing as Best Veteran (7-10 yrs), Best Brood Bitch, and Best of Breed!

Her son Tigger (Dreamcatcher's Tequila Sunrise) did just as well by winning Best of Opposite! Judge was Richard Hellmann from Italy (American professional handler, judge and aussie enthusiast).


The specialty club held their annual double-show in August in Jels. Pebbles won her last club CAC and won the title as Club Champion. Creed placed 2nd winner and got his last CAC and became Danish Champion!

DKK held a large 4-day show in July. Creed did very good by winning 2 CACs towards his championship and placed 3 times as 2nd winner and once as 3rd winner!

Rainbow  came out from a long break from the showring. At DKKs show in Aalborg on June 17, 2006, she made her come back! She was so overjoyed to be out and about again. She looked great and despite her almost 9 years of age won Best Opposite very easily. In the finals she was also competing in the All Breed Veteran (7-10 yrs) and made it to Best in Show Veteran (7-10 yrs). By doing that she beat a lot of very nice dogs that are currently placed very high on the point scale towards the title of "Veteran of the Year 2006"!


Curie (Dreamcatcher's Always A Winner) at her very first show (the KHKG show in Køge on May 21, 2006) won the prestigious BEST IN SHOW BABY! Miriam suddenly felt it had all been worth waiting for that day, and Curie (as you can see) was a happy tired puppy at the end of the day with all her loot!


Pebbles again went Best Opposite Sex as well as BIS BOS #3 Way to go!

I and a friend Bitta went to St.Louis, USA on April 7 to - once again - attend the annual Australian Shepherd Nationals!

A full week of hundreds and hundreds of aussies competing in herding, tracking, agility, obedience as well as in the showring.

And of course the opportunity to meet all our friends over there. As usual it was incredibly enjoyable with lots to learn.

This time I also had the chance to meet Creed's dam Envy, his sister Belli and one of his brothers Chrome as well as Lara's grandmom Chloe (picture left) and her brother Indy (picture right). Incredibly beautiful and sound dogs with amazing temperaments.


Pebbles went Best Opposite Sex as well as BIS BOS #3 at the KHKG show in Strib on March 26, 2006. Creed placed as 3rd winner. Way to go!


Lara and Kite's puppies have now all left for their new homes. You can see pictures of them on the puppy page! They have all gone to great homes, for which we are grateful and they have all proven to be all we hoped for with parents as sweet and beautiful as Lara and Kite. They are all very well put together, physically and mentally.


Creed's sister Belli, BIS AKC/ASCA CH Halfmoon Embellishment, won a prestigious Best In Show at a show in Indiana, USA. That is awesome - many congrats to Gwen, Chuck and Erin!

I went to Crufts in Birmingham to watch USA's top winning aussie win the breed, then the group and last but not least Best In Show! Incredibly beautiful dog, incredibly awesome show and an amazing possibility for shopping doggy things! I literally spend 2-3 days just making sure I had seen everything in all the halls....

Angel, DKCH KLBCH NCH Dreamcatcher's Flying Encore, went to Norway, won BOS and became a Norwegian Champion. Many congrats to Bitta and Steff - we're very proud of you!

A great day at the DKK show in Odense! Pebbles went BOS being the only bitch who qualified for final placing - and it was a show with a large attendance for Danish standards! Creed was shown for the very first time in Denmark and was placed as 2nd winner. He was so sweet and easy about it all and also among the males a lot were sent out again due to a very strict judge, but Creed stayed in the ring with only 2 others. Well done!

Creed, AKC CH Halfmoon Full Of It, arrived from the US on January 16th! Check out his website!


Lara's puppies arrived on January 30th, 2006!



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